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Implemented EU Projects

1. Grain trade route Kupa – Sava / Project holder: Pokupsko County
Value: 662,093.25 EUR

 2. Partnership for change and development in the local labour market / Project holder: Women's group "Step" (Korak)
 Value: 250.000,00 EUR

Project goals were increasing employment and self-employment of unemployed women in the Karlovac county and create a comprehensive support system to agricultural manufacturers. During the project, 28 unemployed women finished qualifications for vocation of greengrocers, 22 for vocation of cheese/milk producers, 12 for vocation of accountants. The project also included 10 agricultural manufacturers, which introduced the above mentioned women with practical sides of agricultural production. One result of the project is a brand of Karlovac County agricultural products named "zdravKA", which initially included 13 family owned agricultural farms. With the slogan "From our rivers, mountains and valleys to your tables", this project enabled them to create a joint entrance into the market.

3. You take charge, we'll take care / Project holder: Project holder: Women's group "Step" (Korak)
Value: 232.718,05 EUR

4. New skills for equal opportunities / Project holder: Women's group "Step" (Korak)
Value: 191.990,74 EUR
Project goals were to contribute to integration of unemployed women members of national minorities in rural areas of the Karlovac County into the labour market, through encouraging entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives and development of business skills for the purpose of competitiveness on the open labour market, as well as self-employment. In order to achieve the general goal, it was necessary to achieve specific set goals, which were to increase employment and self-employment through women empowerment programs using individual approaches to strengthen their job seeking skills and business skills, as well as increase the level of consciousness and awareness of the target group and community regarding the problem of employing female members of national minorities. The target group was a group of 61 unemployed women, members of national minorities which have been unemployed for a long period of time. All above mentioned women have passed through education and strengthening of business skills programs, after which 10 found jobs and i additional 21 business plans have been created, out of which one is developing into a potential project.

5. We are stronger together - employment pact – STEP / Project holder: Women's group "Step" (Korak)
Value: 153.056,98 EUR
Project goal was developing models of including long-term unemployed women on wellfare through tailor-made empowerment programs and through promotion of non-discrimination of especially vulnerable groups such as long-term unemployed women, women victims of family violence and similar. Key project results are :
1. 40 hard-to-employ women have been enabled to enter the labour market
2. A non-discrimination towards vulnerable groups campaign was carried out. After completing volunteer work, 13 women who have participated in the project have been employed.

6. Aqua-agro / Project holder: Prirodoslovna škola Karlovac (Natural sciences high school)
Value: 183.000,00 EUR

7. Tradicijski sir karlovačkog kraja / Project holder: Prirodoslovna škola Karlovac (Natural sciences high school)
Value: 30.000,00 EUR

8. Podrška za provedbu okolišnih politika (STEP) / Project holder: Eko Pan
Value: 165.282,90 EUR
Project goals were strengthening capacities of local associations to carry out environmental protection policies at the local level and strengthening cooperation between associations and local self-government bodies on questions of environmental protection. Within the scope of the project, activities were carried out to support local authorities to implement environmental policies. These activities include: education of local authorities in ways of including the public in the process of decision making and proactive informing of citizens about the environment, seminar on public policies for local governments and organizing civic societies in cooperation with the Faculty for political sciences in Zagreb, education on implementation of national policies for environmental protection in cooperation with the State Institute for Nature Protection and cooperation on specific environmental protection topics on which a long-term cooperation can be achieved between bodies of local government and environmental protection organizations, in order to jointly secure funds from structural funds of the European union at the local level.

9. Karlovac river management and preservation (Management and protection of Karlovac rivers) / Project holder: Eko Pan
Value: 78.725,25 EURStrategy 

Project goal was to compose a sustainable and implementable for management and conservation of rivers in the city of Karlovac area, based on opinions and visions of experts as well as citizens.
Activities implemented with this project:
  • Formation of the project committee (11 members, project coordination)
  • Creation of a database with relevant information concerning rivers in Karlovac
  • Surveying public opinion (includes public, private and civil sector; total of 551 examinees, results of the survey are found as annex for the Local agenda for Karlovac rivers)
  • Founding of 4 thematic councils (workgroups of representatives of various sectors, in the presence of facilitator mag. oecc Ivana Ivičić)
  • Creation of a Local agenda for Karlovac rivers (public debate on the Local agenda blueprint, printing of the Local agenda, public presentation and presentation to the City council)
  • Founding of the WATER CENTER OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATION PAN-KARLOVAC, for the purpose of empowering and monitoring implementation of the Local agenda for the rivers of Karlovac, and also as a liaison between various sectors and interested citizens for the purpose of working out and coordinating projects related to the Karlovac river basins.
10. BeRi (Besede i riječi) (Words) / Project holder: City library
Value: 95.989,63 EUR

11. Mobill / Project holder: City library
Value: 50.000,00 EUR

12. Diploma is not enough / Project holder: HZZ
Value: 156.570,70 EUR

13. Violets in schools / Project holder: Karlovac County
Value: 85.000,00 EUR
Basic goal of the project was prevention of violence among young people in school and society. The program was implemented in cooperation with the Lithuanian region Taurage. Through the project, a guide was created on prevention of violence in schools, through a two year working period of experts and pedagogues, parents and children at conferences and workshops in Lithuania and Croatia. The project was implemented through two international conferences and a study visit to Karlovac and Taurage (Lithuania), a children's camp and publishing of the guide for working with children and youth in schools. The project is featured in the brochure "Most successful EU projects in Croatia 2012 -2014" published by the Ministry of regional development and EU funds, which is an excellent indicator of the successfulness of this project.

14. Informational street / Project holder: Association for local development ˝Turbina promjena˝
Value: 46.500,00 HRK

15. Be NOT addicted, be yourself / Project holder: Carpe Diem
Value: 150.000,00 kn

16. Development of fishing tourism at the destination, mobile application, virtual guide through Karlovac / Project holder: Tourism board of Karlovac County
Value: 30.000,00 EUR

17. Solar tree / Project holder: Association for local development ˝Turbina promjena˝
Value: 352.000,00 kn

18. Local youth information centre – information as a prerequisite for participation / Project holder: Carpe Diem
Value: 130.000,00 kn

19. Through partnership to good management / Project holder: KA-MATRIX – Association for social development
Value: 162.311,14 kn