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Implementation EU Projects in Process

1. Touristic-sports-recreational centre ˝Fresh water aquarium – Kaquarium˝ /
Value: 36.691.939,28 kn

2. Support for development of inclusivity of ordinary primary schools in Karlovac through help of teaching aids / Value: 611.883,00 kn
The basic goal of the project is improving working conditions in ordinary schools and increase success of students with difficulties in mastering educational goals through employing teaching aids. Classroom aides are a very important segment of education for students with learning difficulties, which significantly facilitates work and following class together with their peers. To this effect, aides have passed a three day training education in duration of 20 hours. This project enabled employment of 14 classroom assistants in elementary schools for 14 students with development difficulties. Project partners are the Centre for inclusive support "Idem" from Zagreb, and eight elementary schools founded by the city of Karlovac: ES (Elementary School) Banija, ES Braća Seljan, ES Dragojle Jarnević, ES Dubovac, ES Grabrik, ES Švarča, ES Turanj and ES Skakavac.

3. Installation of a biomass boiler at ES Dubovac, old school in Nemčićeva street 8 / Value: 555.632,50 kn
The basic goal of the project is contributing to environmental protection and reduction of fossil fuel use while creating large energy savings. Project is implemented through a reconstruction of oil fuelled boiler room into a biomass boiler room for the purpose of achieving financial savings through use of a cheaper and more efficient energy-generating product which helps environmental protection, reduces fossil fuel consumption and promotes use of renewable energy sources. Fuel savings of around 70% are expected, with the return on investment expected in about five years.

4. Creation of a  „Yearly energy efficiency plan for the city of Karlovac for 2015“ and "Energy efficiency action plan for the city of Karlovac for the period from 2015 - 2017“ / Value: 150.000,00 kn
The basic goal of the project is creation of planning documents for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is an extremely important item today, therefore creation of planning documents is necessary and a first step towards implementation of certain projects related to energy efficiency which finally leads to economic development.

5. R – Zvijezda u školi  (Star in school)/ Value: 20.000,00 kn

6. R – Zvijezda na webu  (Star on the web)/ Value: 20.000,00 kn