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City Partner in Project

1. Adaptation of highway infrastructure to the needs of  regional and local transportation on the relation Zagreb - Karlovac: construction of the third highway lane / Project holder: Autoceste Rijeka - Zagreb d.d.
Value: 7.500.000,00 kn
Creation of the feasibility study will establish parameters based on which all necessary documentation will be created for future project implementation.

2. Safe way to an independent life / Project holder: Women's group "Step" (Korak)
Value: 885.756,82 kn
General goal of the project was to ensure continuous support for women victims of domestic violence in starting independent lives within the community after leaving the Shelter.

3. Solar tree / Project holder: Association for local development ˝Turbina promjena˝
Value: 352.000,00 kn

4. Young unemployed club / Project holder: Carpe Diem
Value: 230.000,00 kn

5. Local youth information center – information as a prerequisite for participation / Project holder: Carpe Diem
Value: 130.000,00 kn

6. R – Local volunteer center – VolonterKA / Project holder: Carpe Diem
Value: 120.000,00 kn

7. Job Club for Youth – Karlovac / Project holder: Carpe Diem
Value: 65.000,00 EUR

8. Participatory budgeting – Civil supervision of local budgets – partner / Project holder: Zelena Istra
Value: 230.000,00 EUR

9. Through partnership to good management / Project holder: KA-MATRIX – Association for social development
Value: 162.311,14 kn 
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