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Official attributes

The city of Karlovac has a crest, a flag, a historical seal and official city chain.

The Crest

The Crest of the city is the historical crest of the Free Royal City of Karlovac. It is on an oval shield divided into three fields. The upper left portion holds the historical seal of the kingdom of Croatia, and the right side holds two crossed anchors on a red background. The bottom half is blue and depicts an outline of the fortified city of Karlovac with its walls, churches, and surrounded by two rivers. The upper left corner shows a golden sun in human form, and the right side shows a crescent, silver moon. In the middle of this large shield one can find a small gold crest with initials of Joseph II. Over the whole crest stands a golden folk crown. Two mermaids on the left and right hold up the mantle of the crest from both sides.


The flag of the city is blue-green in colour (aquamarine). It its centre, on both sides, there is a historical crest of the city of Karlovac. The ratio of width to length of the flag is 1:2.

Historical seal

The historical seal is described and drawn in the Charter of Freedom from October 8, 1771. The seal holds the inscription Sigill. Liber. Et Reg. Civitatis Carolostadien.

City chain or the Mayors chain

The official city chain is a symbol for the office of the Mayor. It is comprised of 24 individual connected metal plates. The central piece has a round metal plate with an inscribed historical crest of the city of Karlovac, bordered by an oak wreath. The reverse side of this plate holds the words: City of Karlovac, AD 1579.

City of Karlovac logo

In 2010, for the purpose of positioning Karlovac on the touristic and economic markets, a branding project was launched. The new visual "Karlovac- city of meetings" represents a gathering of all visual elements which represent the unification of Zvijezda with the historical component and geopolitical position of the city, economy with development potential and rich cultural heritage, all towards encouraging tourists to get acquainted with the beauties of the city.